• A manifesto for the new American dream. Pat and Nick are born teachers, and they've written the definitive adventure manifesto to prove it.
    Antonia Murphy
    - author of Rough as Guts
  • It's Seth Godin meets The Four Hour Work Week meets insider trading advice. It has a very honest tone and there's not one sniff of bullshit, which is refreshing in a world of snake oil ebooks. Overall, I think this is going to be hugely appealing for a lot of people.
    Torre DeRoche
    - author of Love With a Chance of Drowning
  • If you have ever wanted to follow a passion, whether it be sail the world, take up painting, or full time volunteering, this book will make you think hard about what it is that is holding you back.
    Kevin Eicher
    - Amazon Reviewer
  • I’ve read my share of investing, trading and money management books, and as you’d probably expect, they are often drier than dirt. Live on the Margin, though, is written informally in an engaging style.
    Wireless Ideology
    - www.wirelessideology.com
  • If there is one book I am passionate about, this is it. It helps me to review my own past decision and guides to make better ones in the future.
    Mark Adler
    - Amazon Reviewer
  • They do a great job of providing a clear, actionable strategy that will help you begin trading immediately.
    Chris Iezzoni
    - Amazon Reviewer
  • I ordered it originally based on the reviews, but I could have never expected I would get so much out of it.
    - Amazon Reviewer
  • Live on the margin is one of those awesome books that comes along once in a while that truly inspires people at the core.
    Erik L.
    - Amazon Reviewer


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Bum Book SmallBumfuzzle – Just Out Looking for Pirates by Patrick Schulte
The story of a young couple who, without any prior sailing experience, decide one night over too many drinks that they are going to sail around the world. They aren’t your average cruisers by any stretch of the imagination, and run afoul of what most cruisers perceive to be “real” cruisers. But for four years they sailed around the world on their own terms.
Essential reading for anybody who has ever had the dream. This book just might push you over the edge, and the horizon.

Get Her on BoardGet Her on Board by Nick O’Kelly
He wants to buy a sailboat and head off into the sunset for a life of adventure on white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water, but she’s not so sure about this wild plan. If she’s not on board with the cruising dream, the boat won’t leave the dock.
If you’re dreaming of great adventures on the high seas and distant ports of call, but your wife would rather garden, you need to read this book!

Live on the Margin will change the way you view everything.